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Did you know that there are multiple varieties of sedation treatments in dental practice today? Although sedatives are involved in a wide variety of dental procedures, they are at their best when being used to help patients with dental anxiety. Patients with dental anxiety suffer from fears associated with having their teeth worked on, and sedatives bridge the gap to help relax and destress them.

One of the best forms of relaxation sedation is through inhaled sedation with gases. Typically, the mixture of oxygen and nitrous oxide is used, which forms what is commonly referred to as laughing gas. For a more controlled form of sedative with stronger results, sedatives can be ingested in pill form. Typically, this must be done up to an hour before the treatment or procedure is to be completed. The doses of pill sedatives can be adjusted from a mild relaxant up to a sleeping aid.

If a fast-acting sedative is needed, there are forms that can be injected directly into the bloodstream intravenously. These sedatives are highly effective and can be controlled for the level of sedation required. However, if the patient needs to be sedated for long periods of time, general anesthetics can be administered to put a patient into a deep sleep. Anesthesia is so effective, a patient will stay asleep until the anesthesia has worn off.

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