How to Avoid Gum Disease

Gum disease is one of the most common health problems for adults in America. Ironically, it’s also one of the most preventable diseases in the world. Avoiding gum disease is as simple as establishing a few simple habits that take maybe ten minutes out of your entire day. Dr. Elhameh Allamehzadeh and the team here… Read more »

The Little Things That Help the Oral Health

If you are working toward a top-notch oral health, you probably already know to brush your teeth twice a day, floss your teeth once a day, rinse your mouth daily and visit your dentist, Dr. Elhameh Allamehzadeh, every six months for a routine dental cleaning and exam. But did you know there are little things… Read more »

Some Hacks for Brushing

Fortunately, there are brushing hacks that can help you have a proper and effective brushing routine. The better brushing routine you have, the healthier and stronger smile you can have. And we want you to have the top-notch smile you deserve! To help you properly and effectively brush your teeth each day, our dentist, Dr…. Read more »

Find Answers to Questions About Routine Dental Appointments Here

Are you someone who has questions about routine dental checkups? If so, our dentist, Dr. Elhameh Allamehzadeh, is more than happy to help you. The more you know, the less nervous you might feel during your appointment. So, to help you find the answers you’re looking for, he would like to provide the answers to… Read more »

Get Radiant Results With Professional Whitening

Are you looking into cosmetic dental treatment to address unwanted discolorations or stains in your smile? If so, keep in mind that perhaps the most effective way to remove tooth stains is to receive tooth whitening treatment. Teeth whitening comes in many varieties, from over-the-counter products at your local store to professional whitening treatments applied… Read more »

Replace Several Missing Teeth With a Partial Denture

The unfortunate incidence of significant oral trauma resulting from a car accident or severe sports injury can result in a large area of damaged or knocked-out teeth in your mouth. In the case of oral injury, treating the wounds to soft tissue often receives greater priority than restoring the injured teeth, which can lead to… Read more »

Get Cavities Treated Early, to Stave off Future Problems

You may have a small cavity and think it’s no problem to let it slide a while, but treating cavities early can help ward of potentially serious problems in the future. Read today’s blog about why getting restorations early is beneficial to you, saving time, money, and your teeth! Tooth Decay’s Origins Tooth decay can… Read more »

Locate Your Dream Smile Today with Aging and Dental Health Tips

Optimum oral health is possible in the twilight years of your life. Your teeth are extremely strong and can easily withstand a lifetime of wear and tear if you take care of them correctly. This includes cleaning your teeth on a daily basis and practicing a healthy diet by eating healthy. Furthermore, always be sure… Read more »

The Formation of Baby Bottle Tooth Decay

While teaching your young children to learn to brush can be tough, it’s downright impossible, hazardous and not advised for children aged 3 and under. For babies and newborns, you can use dental tissues, also defined as tooth wipes. Tooth tissues should be used after children eat or drink sugary foods like juices or fruit,… Read more »

The Cornerstones of the Causes of Halitosis

Have you ever suffered from halitosis, or do you frequently suffer from the disease? Halitosis, also referred to as bad breath, is an oral health condition that arises due to poor dental habits or ailments. Typically, bad breath can be caused by infections in your mouth. In addition, the foods you eat and the habits… Read more »