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Are you looking into cosmetic dental treatment to address unwanted discolorations or stains in your smile? If so, keep in mind that perhaps the most effective way to remove tooth stains is to receive tooth whitening treatment. Teeth whitening comes in many varieties, from over-the-counter products at your local store to professional whitening treatments applied by your dentist.

We invite you to choose professional teeth whitening, as it offers the powerful bleaching quality you want without posing any risks to your smile.

The two traditional types of teeth whitening are peroxide bleach, which can remove deep tooth stains, and a weaker chemical product that lightens surface staining. To receive teeth whitening that is safe and effective, we invite you to consult the dentist.

Some store-bought or online products include negative side effects of teeth whitening, such as bleached gums, tooth sensitivity, and–if you wear a tray improperly or one that is the wrong size–gum irritation. We encourage you to speak with Dr. Elhameh Allamehzadeh about teeth whitening products so that he can recommend the safest and most effective treatments.

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