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The unfortunate incidence of significant oral trauma resulting from a car accident or severe sports injury can result in a large area of damaged or knocked-out teeth in your mouth. In the case of oral injury, treating the wounds to soft tissue often receives greater priority than restoring the injured teeth, which can lead to lost dental roots and the need for deeply damaged teeth to be removed.

Once the surrounding oral tissues have been healed, Dr. Elhameh Allamehzadeh can provide tooth replacement options to restore your smile with function and an aesthetic appearance. If you have several missing teeth in one area, we may recommend a partial denture to secure your smile and provide stability.

Some patients don’t desire the process of oral surgery and placing dental implants or an implant bridge, and if this is you, our dentist would be happy to discuss the possibility of a removable partial denture.

You can often receive a partial denture sooner than you would a dental implant restoration. The appearance of a partial denture is that of a miniaturized version of full dentures that is customized to the location and shape of the area that is missing teeth. Partial dentures are easily removed and restored to provide your mouth with full function.

A dental lab will custom create your partial denture by setting the artificial teeth into a material that mimics gum tissue and serves as a secure foundation.

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