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Have you ever suffered from halitosis, or do you frequently suffer from the disease? Halitosis, also referred to as bad breath, is an oral health condition that arises due to poor dental habits or ailments. Typically, bad breath can be caused by infections in your mouth. In addition, the foods you eat and the habits you partake in can also increase your risk for the ailment.

It is important to always exercise caution with your oral health care. Poor oral hygiene can increase your risk for bad breath due to plaque buildup. This can lead to diseases and infections such as gum disease. In addition, exercise caution with medications you may be taking as it can contribute to dry mouth, which is a known cause of bad breath.

Underlying issues in your body can also cause bad breath, even though they do not arise in your mouth. This includes issues and problems such as liver ailments, kidney malfunctions, and respiratory tract infections. Furthermore, bad habits such as smoking or chewing tobacco can also heavily contribute to bad breath.

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