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Having bad breath can be quite irritating and annoying, especially when it affects your social life. Although a quick scrub of the tongue can oftentimes eliminate the odorous breath, it sometimes fails to do the job. This means a mysterious cause is creating your bad breath. To help you, Dr. Elhameh Allamehzadeh is happy to tell you about some of the mysterious causes.

No. 1: Happy hour. Alcohol can severely dry out your mouth, and dry mouth is a common culprit of bad breath. This is because the bacteria in the mouth aren’t frequently washed away, causing bad breath. Caffeinated drinks, spicy foods, and cigarettes can also cause dry mouth. It’s best to limit the consumption and use of these things if you want better breath.

No. 2: A low-carb diet. When you consume few carbohydrates and a lot of protein, your body creates compounds called ketones, which are known to cause bad breath. If you want to avoid bad breath on your diet, chew sugar-free gum regularly.

No. 3: The common cold and similar illnesses. While you are ill, odor-causing bacteria feed off your mucus and promote bad breath. You are also likely to have bad breath when you are sick because a stuffy nose usually makes you breathe through your mouth. This makes the mouth dry, and, like mentioned before, dry mouth is a common cause of bad breath. In this situation, please rest and drink plenty of water.

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