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Do you ever wonder what you should do about a canker sore? Are you ever worried about what could be causing your sores? Similarly, have you ever wondered if there might be something you should do to make coping with a canker sore more pleasant?

Sadly, canker sores are extremely common. These sores aren’t contagious and aren’t caused by a virus. You see, canker sores are essentially wounds inside your mouth. Unfortunately, canker sores can appear virtually anywhere in your mouth, including on your tongue and cheeks.

Still, if you have a canker sore, there may not be anything you can do to make your sores fade more quickly. However, they will fade on their own in due time. In the meantime, to alleviate pain you could consider using store-bought topical gels and other over-the-counter painkillers. If these store-bought solutions aren’t enough, our team can offer you a few other solutions—such as stronger medication or a mouthwash that can alleviate your discomfort.

You should also know that there are a few things you can do to stop canker sores from forming. Usually, brushing and flossing are enough to help you prevent these issues. If you have a canker sore accompanied by a fever or a feeling of sluggishness, please contact your dentist right away. Finally, please schedule an appointment with our team if you have a canker sore that persists for more than three weeks.

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